How To Assemble A Carlton Badminton Net / Quick & Easy

Setting up a badminton net is my least favorite part of the whole game.

Somehow it always seems to fall to me when I’m at a family get-together or we decide to go to the beach. Probably just because I’m the most eager to play and, since I’ve done it so often, nobody else seems to know quite how to set up the badminton net.

The main reason that setting up a badminton net and court is so easy is that it is the exact same from time to time. Or at least it should be.

The court dimensions and net height are set by the Badminton World Federation. BWF sets all the instructions and rules for Badminton and players must follow these rules. The height and setup of the badminton net should be decided according to the standard regulations.

​Equipment Needed To Set Up a Badminton Net

While you can actually play badminton with nothing but a net strung between two poles or trees, having a portable badminton set will make things much easier.

  • ​Rope
  • Stalks
  • Badminton net kit
  • Hammer
  • Spray paint (for the court)
  • Tape

Setting Up Your Carlton Badminton Net In 4 Steps

Step 1: Attach The Net To The Poles

Set up the poles: You can get two poles placed in the middle of the court. Badminton court kits consist of these poles which are made up of aluminum metal. After placing the poles, tie the net on the top of the poles. Badminton poles consist of a loop or hook to attach the net.

Step 2: Insert The Poles Into The Ground

Get the poles into the ground: Insert the poles in the ground and make sure the poles get fixed tightly on the ground. You can use the equipment for good support and place them in the right way. Attaching the net to the top of the poles allows you to avoid reaching super high to tie them on and allows you to stretch the net tighter.

Step 3: Check And Adjust The Net Height

The net should be 5 feet high in the center part and 5 feet 1 inch high above the poles. This is an international measurement of the badminton net.

Step 4: Create The Court

Boundaries and lines: Mark the boundaries with chalk, spray paint, tape, and rope all along the ground and set the boundaries according to the guidelines. Per the badminton regulations, a double badminton play court is a rectangle in size that is 44 feet long and 20 feet across. A single court is 17 feet across and the same in length.

If you want to play indoor, then look for a perfect place to play. Keep some space outside the court, it is for the audience or storage.

To measure the court you have to use a cone. Place it in a corner then mark the length with a measuring tape. Make sure the length is 44 feet. Then measure the width across by placing the third cone. By measuring the first and third cones, reconfirm with another cone.

Get help from professional players to set up the net and make sure you are following the rules. You can set the net indoor or outdoor place based on your game time.

After setting up the badminton set, now it is time to assemble the badminton set. As it is a portable game, you have to bring the best playing set and play like a pro.

Let us look at some important points that you need while assembling the badminton set

  • First, it is important to what kind of play you are going to play. Is it for only fun or competition? Because it really matters. How? Well, if you want to play badminton for only fun then go for the badminton set that has every piece of equipment you need to play with like- badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, foldaway net with folding poles, and ropes for net holding. Here the quality doesn’t matter.
  • If you want to play a professional play then you have to check quality and price. The racket has to be high in quality no matter what the price is. Then take feather shuttlecocks.
  • Take a net with metallic poles. Check the net whether it stays good in hot weather or rainy day.
  • For these sports, you have to play with comfort. So you have to wear comfortable and suitable sports dress to play tennis sports. The clothes have to allow you to play tennis with flexibility. Wear sneakers or gym shoes as they have a soft sole and give you support for a long time.
  • Take a carrying bag to carry your badminton set if you purchase them separately. It will make you carry with ease.
  • Remember to take quality badminton equipment to play in a tournament or else your sports will be a disaster.
  • Do follow the expert player’s advice and skill. It helps a lot.

With a Carlton badminton net, you can play badminton in any place you want. This sport is very much similar to tennis but in badminton players have to use small-size racket and a feather shuttlecock.

When you are going to set up the badminton set, you have to follow the rules of setting up. Just follow them correctly. All you have to do is join the pieces of poles and set up. Then tie the net to the poles that are standing on opposite sides. To place the poles you have to use guy wires and steaks to make the support strong.

Do remember to measure the court with chalk or net. Yes, your Carlton badminton net is ready.

See it is not a tough job in how to set up a badminton net. When the set-up is ready, you are now ready to play. You can play this game whenever you have the mood to play. You have to do is just set up the Carlton badminton net quickly. You can see it is an easy job.

​When you are playing for fun, then you will not have to follow the rules. But if you want to play a tournament play then you have to follow rules and play. Just keep the measurement, boundaries, and net height proper to make the game perfect.