Choosing The Best Badminton Racket – 5 Things To Consider

Badminton is one of the greatest popular sports and everyone loves to play it. Every game needs the perfect equipment to increase the performance of the player.

The racket plays a crucial role in Badminton equipment. Believe it or not, choosing the correct Badminton racket affects your gaming ability in a huge way.

It can be a daunting task to select the best one because you can find a wide range of rackets from various brands and manufacturers. Each brand combines different features and qualities like flexibility, weight, type of balance, and size. For beginners, it can be tougher to choose the one with suitable specifications.

5 Things To Think About When Choosing A Badminton Racket

1. Weight

Weight is a complicated topic when it comes to the matter of Badminton Rackets. It is a fact that heavier rackets will give you more power than lighter ones. Anyhow a lightweight racket is recommended for beginners which has a lower balance point and shows lesser pressure on the hand. Lightweight rackets have quick stroking speed, response, and recovery.

If you are a beginner select a racket that weighs 85g-90g in weight. It reduces the risk of injuries and helps you to learn the game more effectively. If you are an expert, you can choose a racket with a heavyweight. Badminton rackets with higher weights increase the impact on the shuttlecock and improve the acceleration of the impact.

2. Shape

Badminton rackets come in oval and square-shaped heads. Square-shaped racket heads have more surface area and professionals can use it to increase force. The oval racket enhances your concentration power and improves your skill.

3. Balance

A Badminton racket is designed with different types of balances. The balance of the racket changes the force and stroking impact on the shuttlecock. Professional players always choose heavier rackets which higher balance points whereas Beginners can choose lighter rackets with light balance.

The balance of the racket controls the weight, power, and striking force of the racket. It is not a piece of cake to control the balance and weight of the racket. Here are the three types of balances:

  • Head-light balance: The rackets with this kind of balance have lighter heads and give players full access to the whole racket. The player can easily move it, reacts quickly to the opposite player, and fastens the speed.
  • Head-heavy balance: Head-heavy badminton rackets are designed with a head heavier and have a balance point towards the head. It gives you more momentum in your swing and makes it easier to smash the shuttlecock. The best thing about this balance is it ultimately results in high power and the best results. It may be harder to handle it and swings slower which helps in the defense activity. But it puts more pressure on the arm and shoulders which results in fatigue.
  • Even Balance: In this type of balance, the racket is made with two types of balance. It plays the role of both balance and packs a huge bunch of sashes to reach for defensive shots. It suits all kinds of players.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the important factors you must check before purchasing the best one. The flexibility of the racket depends upon the tension of the string, the strength of the string, the measurement of the shaft, and the material used in the making. To check the flexibility hold two ends of the racket and bend it with you’re both hands.

5. Grip

Getting a good grip on the handle changes your whole game. The player who is a master in handling the racket with a good grip can take the game to the next level. There are smaller and larger grips in which you must select the one according to your gaming ability. It depends on the way you handle the racket and the ability of your hand. The grip part is made up of a towel or synthetic material where the towel absorbs all the sweat and needs a replacement quickly.

Last Words

​Here is all the important information you need to know about how to choose the badminton racket. We hope you got what you need and now it’s time to choose the best one!