About Me

When I sat down to write this, I got a shock. I’ve now been playing badminton for 16 years. More than half of my life.

I wasn’t a Lakshya Sen type prodigy kid in the sport. In fact, the closest I got to playing badminton as a kid was playing tetherball. Not very close, I know. I first discovered badminton in middle school gym class. Our racquets were gigantic wood things that weighed about 4 pounds apiece and there’s no way our nets were regulation height (at least not every day). But I loved it.

Fast forward to now and I work a day job doing web design and a night job at a therapeutic boarding school. Those jobs, along with a wife and two daughters, leave precious little time to spend on the court. My time playing badminton is mainly limited to family reunions and evenings in our backyard. This blog is an attempt to fix that.

Not only am I hoping to be held accountable, but I’m also sure it’ll get easier now to buy new badminton shoes, add to my growing racquet hoard, and spend nights on the court. I have to do research for the blog after all.

So, if any of that sounds like it’s up your alley then hang around! I’m no badminton expert but I love playing it, I love learning about it, and I love teaching it! See you soon!