How High Is A Badminton Net? Every Measurement You’ll Need

“The net is too high!”

Believe me, I’ve heard every excuse possible for losing a game of badminton. Usually coming out of my own mouth. Because I don’t want to have to complain every time I lose (or give up a victory on the off-chance that I win) I make sure that, if I set up the net, it’s set up perfectly. Knowing how high a badminton net should be, as well as how to sell it up, where to put it, etc. are crucial for ensuring fair play.

According to official Badminton Laws, there are exacting stipulations for the majority of the court and net measurements. In reference to the net, they say:

A badminton net is set at 1.55 meters (5ft 1in) at each edge and 1.524 meters (5ft) in the center The net itself measures .76 meters (2ft 6in) from top to bottom and has a minimum width of 6.1 meters (20ft).

Even when setting up a backyard badminton net or playing for fun I make sure that the height of the net is correct. As long as the backline and height of the net are on point you can play a competitive game nearly anywhere.

Why Is The Height Of A Badminton Net So Important?

Having a consistent height for a badminton net is of utmost importance if you want to play a competitive game. If you are training or playing to win you do yourself a massive disservice by not practicing with the same set of circumstances every time. Imagine if you trained with a baseball bat instead of a racquet and then switched just before a game.

If, however, you’re just playing in the backyard for fun (or maybe at a family reunion) the height of the net becomes far less important, especially if there are children involved. In the official play, however, there are no net-height concessions for age. One size fits all.

Other Important Badminton Measurements To Know:

In addition to the net height, there are a few other measurements you should know if you plan to set up or double-check a badminton court.

​For single players, the badminton court has to be 44 feet long and 17 feet wide. And for double players, the court is 4 feet long and 20 feet wide. Mainly the court is 44 feet long in 44 and 20 feet wide.

As far as the height of the poles and ceiling, the official rule book is surprisingly mum. There is no listed minimum or maximum although hitting the roof will result in a let.

What Is A Badminton Net Made Of?

  • Net Material: Badminton nets are typically made from either vinyl or nylon cords. These can be either synthetic or natural fibers and typically measure 15-20mm thick.
  • Net/Pole Gap: The rulebook states that there should be no gap between the edge of the net and the poles

Beyond Net Height: Badminton Rules You Need To Know

​There are certain badminton rules and regulations. Check them out:

  • ​This game can be played with two which means single players or double players which is four players.
  • A tournament game can be played indoors with the correct court dimension. The perfect dimension is 6.1m by 13.4m. The net is set up in the middle place of the court. You have to set it at 1.55m.
  • You will get a point if your shuttlecock hits in the opponent’s court’s parameters.
  • After hitting the shuttlecock, if it lands on the net or hits the net then your opponent will get the point.
  • The serving rule is hitting diagonally. When you win one point then you have to change the station from the side. If you lose then you can’t change side.
  • The rule of service is to hit from the underarms and below the waist. You cannot serve overarm.
  • Before starting the game, there will be a toss to determine which player will start first.
  • The shuttlecock can move from one side to another side when it is live.
  • If any player mistakenly touches the net, then the opponent will get the point.
  • You cannot distract the opponent. It will count as a big fault.
  • There is a referee who sits on the high chair and umpires the game. There are also line judges who look at the movement of the shuttlecock. They also mark the fault and violations.
  • This game has two periods. The first period has 90-second rest and after the second period, there is 5-minute rest.
  • The referee has the power to ban any player from the tournament if he notices any violation in the game.

Badminton is an interesting game. When players play this game, the court stays silent. Only you will hear the sound of serve. In this play, the main thing is to know how high is a badminton net will be. The net determines the game when players will play in singles or doubles. If you follow the rules properly then your game will be an easy one.

This game is for all ages and everyone can enjoy this game. So when you want to play this badminton sport, first know all information about badminton than the rules and regulations. Then your play will be a smooth one.