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best badminton racket

Playing badminton is a fun and exciting. The main fun of this game is you can play this game anywhere you want. To enjoy the game with more excitement you have to own the best badminton set. Badminton sport is one the popular sports. You will be fast and strong once you start this sport. You will be healthy, your coordination and thinking will get improve.

The best thing about this sport is it is a versatile game. You will not need to work hard or be skilled to start this game. Just you have to know which badminton racket is best for your game. Then you can decide whether you will go for the profession or just fun outdoor game to enjoy. Just follow this awesome badminton set review then pick the best badminton racket for you.

Comparison Table of Best Badminton Racket 2018

  • Zume Games Portable Badminton

  • Our Rating: 8/10
  • COMBO SET YONEX Badminton

  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton

  • Our Rating: 7/10
  • Baden Champions Badminton Set

  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Racquet Game for Boys, Girls

  • Our Rating: 8.5/10

Our Top picks of Best Badminton Racket Reviews

1. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set is best adjustable badminton set that you can play with

2. ​If you want to replace a racket instantly with a strong one then pick Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton Racquet Replacement Set. You will not regret it.

3. ​For steel made racket lovers COMBO SET YONEX Badminton is the perfect one.

4. ​With this Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set you can play volleyball and badminton sports easily.

5. ​To make your game easy Goodminton the world's easiest racket game is the best badminton to play with.

6. ​You will get stylish and light badminton set with FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set.

7. ​Senston N80 Graphite Single High-grade Badminton Racquet is the strong and long-lasting badminton set you can name for.

8. ​If you like colors then go for BSN Badminton Racquet. The colors are bright and beautiful.

9. ​Premium quality set of badminton rackets by trained is the set that is high in quality and long lasting.

10. ​Baden Champions Series Badminton Set is the best portable badminton set.

1. Zume Games Portable Badminton Set

If you want to enjoy your family gathering or picnic with a game then take this Zume Games Portable Badminton Set. You can take this badminton set anywhere you want and set up and play. This game set has an individual standalone base. You can easily move it from any position easily. You will find a case, net, 2 shuttlecocks and 4 racquets. The standing base is perfect for any surface.

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You will not have to face any hustle to set it up as it is easy. When you are done an with playing you can convert it in the carrying case. The net of this game set is ten foot lengthy and it doesn’t need large space. You can use it as an outdoor game. You can also play volleyball game with this net easily. The rackets of this badminton set are steel made and long lasting.

​Product Features:

  • You can enjoy portable and instant badminton match.
  • The base set is freestanding and perfect for any surface. You will not need any stakes or tools to keep it steady.
  • A lightweight badminton game set.
  • This set is best from 6+


  • The quality is great.
  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Nice design


  • The poles are plastic made which are not durable.
  • Not so wide in design.

2. Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton Set

If your racquet gets broken for some reason you can take Franklin sports 2 player badminton racquet replacement set. You will find the racket strings are tight, soft grip and padded steel shaft. The strings are made from hay sheep and the shuttlecocks are grade and white. The pole comes with 1.5x61 inch in measurement. The material of the pole is octagon virgin PVC.

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​The ropes of the pole are nylon attached that makes the pole standing strong on the ground. This badminton set has 4 categories – advanced, middle, classic and leisure. The leisure badminton set is for newbies and home play. You will get pole, ground stake, shuttlecocks, rackets, saver clip, and ropes in this set.

​Product Features:

  • The rackets have a metallic tight string.
  • Shuttlecocks are A-grade.
  • If you get broken rackets this set is perfect replacements


  • Comes at a reasonable price.
  • Four people can play with this set.
  • The bag of this set is stylish and high in quality.
  • You will find the grip soft and comfortable.
  • Perfect replacement racquet.


  • The pole length too short.
  • The threads of the rackets are not durable.

3. Combo Set Yonex Badminton

If you want steel made rackets than you can go for COMBO SET YONEX Badminton. The steel material is high in quality and makes the racket strong. There are two high-quality nylon made shuttlecocks. The carrying case comes with a zipper. In this case, you can carry shuttlecocks and rackets easily.

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​The strings of the racket are tight and have different color shades, the colors are white, green and yellow. This racket is best for new beginners and not for professional players. It is light and strong in the feature. The bag comes with good quality and rackets are perfect for the game.

Product Features:

  • Steel made racket frame.
  • The shaft is steel made.
  • There is a case for shuttlecocks and rackets.


  • Well made
  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight rackets
  • The string of the racket is durable and tight
  • Perfect replacement racquet


  • The shuttlecock quality is not good
  • The grip of the rubber of the grip comes off

4. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set

​You can start your game in your backyard instantly with Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Set. With this set, you can play badminton and volleyball both easily. The pole is steel made that is black powder coated and adjustable. The net is nylon made and has waterproof tarpaulin sticky tape.

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​The shuttlecocks come with goose feather and badminton racquets and volleyball are waterproof. The pole is easy to set up and performs heavy duty in outdoor also. You can convert the net to any game you want.

Product Features:

  • This badminton set has nylon made net, volleyball and badminton racquets, boundary line, carrying case and shuttlecocks.
  • The poles are steel made and adjustable. You can easily set up the poles.
  • You will be amazed at the quality and long-lasting features of this set. The poles are powder coated which gives heavy duty. The edges are waterproof and the rope is nylon made. It is a tough one.
  • You don’t need to think twice to play with this set. Just grab it and go for the game. There is carrying case that makes easy store and transport.
  • Perfect for any weather, surface, and occasion.


  • Rust-resistant pole.
  • Easy to set up and portable.
  • The quality of the racket is excellent.
  • Aluminum made pole which is strong.


  • The carrying case is not big enough to fit.

5. Goodminton the world's easiest racket 

​With Goodminton badminton you can play the world's easiest racquet game. You can play the game anywhere you want. The birdies of this set are spins slow that makes the game easy and interesting.

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​You can play this game in both outdoor and indoor. Kids can also play badminton with this set and they can develop their game to play squash and tennis. This set has 4 kinds of birdies, 2 rackets, and 1 Eco-friendly mesh bag. Your badminton game will be good for with this set.

Product Features:

  • This set has 2 paddles and 4 birdies and a recyclable mesh bag.
  • You can consider it as a great indoor game. Anyone may he is beginner or professional can play this game.
  • The handle of this badminton is soft foam made.
  • There are birdies that can spin in the fast or slow way.
  • Best game for children to learn badminton.


  • Great as an indoor and outdoor game.
  • Paddles are great for the quality.
  • User-friendly and long-lasting design.


  • Sometimes the paddle gets broken after hitting hard.

6. FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

This badminton set has rackets, a lightweight fabric made carrier and a set of birdies or shuttlecocks. There is no net in this set. You will get strong built and stylish design racket in this set.

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The shuttlecocks come with a combined wood head, plastic tube, and a yellow nylon skirt. The carrier is polyester made of a zipper.

Product Features:

  • The racket comes with solid design and construction. The shaft and the racket head has a smooth connection and it is flexible and long lasting.
  • There are 3 set of shuttlecocks that is yellow in color and has nylon skirt. This feature keeps the shuttlecocks strong.
  • The rackets have a strong grip. You will get a light racket with strong string. The grip is embossed and easy to grab.
  • You can teach badminton for your kid with this racket because they are high in quality and reliability.
  • Best game as the outdoor game.


  • Economical badminton set.
  • Excellent in quality.
  • Light racket with the strong feature.
  • Stylish in design.
  • Durable.


  • Racket strings are not strong.

7. Senston N80 Single Badminton Racquet:

This badminton racket comes with graphite material and has t joint. There is a plastic resin that is light in weight and makes the frame strong and durable. The racket frame is high tech in design and the rim is unique.

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You can hit hard with this racket. Your speed in the game will be inseparable. The strings are awesomely strong. Your will do swing and hit with ease.

Product Features:

  • The material of this racket is full graphite made and this material makes the racket strong and stable.
  • Strong frame and the durable string is the best feature of this racket.
  • There is a high-quality cover to protect the racket and carry with ease.
  • Comes with different 9 colors with style.


  • Light in weight.
  • Reasonable in price.
  • Stiff and colorful.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • Durability is not satisfactory.

8. BSN Badminton Racquet

BSN badminton racket comes with different bright colors that make the badminton players happy and refreshed. The steelhead is durable that helps your game to be fast and smooth. The twin shaft is stiff in design. The grip is made of the material that is the best one and it is Vinyl PU. This material makes the grip safe and comfortable.

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Product Features:

  • The shaft is a twin and has steelhead to play hard.
  • This grip comes with Vinyl polyurethane material that makes the holding firm and confident.
  • Comes in 6 beautiful colors.
  • The racket frame is light and perfect for kids to play with.


  • High in quality.
  • Strong and light.


  • The grip comes out after some use.

9. Trained Premium Quality Badminton Set

If you want a badminton set that comes with premium quality then check out the trained badminton set. This set has racket and shuttlecock. The racket comes with top quality and the shuttlecock has LED light. These shuttlecocks are light in weight. The carrying bag is made of durable fabric.

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​The shaft is slim in design and the grip is strong. The frame design is smooth and provides high speed. You can switch the LED light with a button, you can play with it easily at night.

Product Features:

  • You can play with the high-quality rackets and rule the game with ease.
  • You will not have to be professional to play with this badminton set. You can also do practice with this badminton set.
  • The shuttlecocks with LED light is the main attraction of this badminton set. This feature makes the game fun and exciting.
  • The racket is lightweight, easy to play with, strong, durable and high in quality.


  • High in quality badminton set.
  • Well built.


  • The string is not strong.

10. Baden Champions Series Badminton Set

As the name is champion series, this badminton is really a champion badminton set. This set is high in quality and flexible. The net, racket, and shuttlecocks are best in the feature. The rackets are water resistant and can endure hard hitting.

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The aluminum made pole is amazingly adjustable and long-lasting. This pole is powder coated and makes it strong. It is easy to carry the pole and to set up. You can store it easily anywhere you want.

Product Features:

  • The pole is aluminum made and powder coated. You can adjust the pole and it is adjustable.
  • You will find the weather resistant carrying case easy to carry and store.
  • The boundary line and net is easy to visible.
  • Perfect for any outdoor event.


  • The poles are corrosion resistant.
  • It is easy to set up and portable.
  • The quality is not less than any professional rackets
  • Aluminum poles are sturdy.


  • The bag needs to be more spacious.

Shopping Guide For Best Badminton Racket

From a young age, I was obsessed with the badminton game. I just loved and still love the game. I enjoy this sport a lot. So you can tell I have all the information about the badminton game and the sports equipment that is badminton set. You will not believe there is so much option to choose.

In that case, I decided to gather all the best badminton sets and sell them through online. And yes I have succeeded. My customers are the professionals, beginners, and kids and they trust me a lot. All are satisfied with my things.

So you can trust me to get the best thing for your sport.

Best Badminton Racket: How We Tested

To tell you the truth is it really a hard thing to choose the perfect badminton set as it is difficult to pick from the variety and quality rackets. Surprisingly there are so many kinds of badminton Rackets Company provides many kinds of rackets that it is difficult the to know which stuff will give you full support. Or else your sport will be a dull one.

Go through the list down below that will help you to choose the perfect badminton racket to play.


Keeping Balance in the sport is the most important thing. You will find three kinds of balance category, you have to choose among them. The categories:

  • Heavy Balance: This racket category has heavy head than the handle. You will feel powerful with this badminton. Your smash and clear will be powerful.
  • Light Balance: This racket has a heavy handle. With this feature, your play will be manipulated with speed and swing. It is the better trick when you are playing double.
  • Even Balance: This type of racket is equally balanced and powerful.

The flexibility of shaft

The shaft needs to be flexible with balance power. You can a maintain the flexibility with your wrist and arm speed. Here are secret tips to know the flexibility type. If you have fast arm and wrist than you will need a firm shaft and if the wrist and arm slow than you need the flexible shaft. It is important because if you use a shaft racket with more speed than you will not have power and control of the game.


The hand grip makes the connection between the racket and player. You have to focus on the type and size. With small size grip, your game a will be deceptive. To make your game powerful your grip has to be powerful. You will find two types of grip, one is towel grip and the other one is the synthetic grip. With towel grip, your hand sweat will get absorbed but the synthetic grip has not this option. So it is better to use towel grip, but it gathers bacterial after frequent use. Keep it clean or replace.


There are rackets with different weight. A light racket is highly recommended. Choose between 85-95 gram. With a light racket, you can switch racket with ease. You cannot show your speed with the heavy racket.

After picking the badminton you want to play with, you have to test is whether it is the best choice or not. Let me tell you the testing process:

  • It is better to pick up a square or oval shape racket head. The oval racket makes your hit power focused and the square racket has a surface area. Test which racket fits for your game.
  • Test the weight of the racket. You will get the light and heavy racket to use. With the light racket you can play with speed and the heavy racket makes your movement stable and energetic with proper technique.
  • Make sure to test the string whether it is tight or loose. If you are new in the game then pick 16-20 lbs. if you are professional then choose 19-24/29 lbs.
  • Grip style is important. When you are picking a racket to see the grip size. It is your requirement which style you want to pick small or big. The size will help you to manipulate the swing speed and exactness. Don’t take the over-sized grip, it will make your game power out of control.
  • The racket comes with lightweight steel or aluminum. If you are professional than pick carbon fiber made the racket that is smooth and light.

Frequently asked the question (FAQ)

Q: What is the rule size best badminton net?

A: A net has to be 5 feet and 1 inch high on the edge and 5 feet high from the center. 20 feet is the standard length of the net.

Q: Which one can be counted as the professional badminton set?

A: As for popularity consideration, Baden champions series badminton set is the professional one.

Q: What kind of net will you go for?

A: Go for the best portable badminton net that also can be adjusted easily.

Final Verdict

Getting skilled in badminton sport is not that simple task and also a hard one. You will have to spend hours in practicing and pick the best badminton set. But how will you know which badminton racket is best? To know this you have to go through some portable badminton set reviews. These reviews will help you to pick the best one and help you to develop your skill easily. Badminton sport can be played anywhere you want.

​This sport is fun. So when you are playing this sport make sure to pick up the durable one. Or else your sport will get ruined in the middle of your game for the broken racket. It is better to know about badminton set from the experienced ones. Enjoy the game with the strong and flexible rackets.

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