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How To Serve In Badminton

Those who serve the best, end up as winners! This quote works perfectly in the matter of Badminton and Serving is the starting part of your game. Mastering in the Badminton serve and learning various techniques can improve your game. The right serve is a weapon and can defeat your opponent instantly.If you do not […]

How To Set Up Badminton Net

Badminton is an entertaining game can be played by both children and adults. This game needs a racket, shuttlecock and a net across the court.The court size is almost same and builds according to the instructions of Badminton World Federation. BWF sets all the instructions and rules for Badminton and players must follow these rules. […]

How High Is A Badminton Net

Badminton is a rocket game developed in British India around the 19th century. It is played with two and four players where the player hits the shuttlecock with racket across the net. The Badminton court consists of a badminton net in the middle of the court. These courts are usually made up of wood, polyester […]

How To Play Badminton

Image Source : is an international game played by using the racket, shuttlecock, and a net. Badminton is played as both indoor and outdoor game depending on the players wish.This game was first developed in British India and become popular all around the world. People of all age groups can play this game but it […]

How To Choose A Badminton Racket

Image Source : is one of the greatest popular sports and everyone loves to play it. Every game needs the perfect equipment to increase the performance of the player. The racket plays a crucial role in the Badminton equipment. Believe it or not, choosing the correct Badminton racket extremely shows effects on your gaming […]

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