The 3 Best Asics Badminton Shoe Models For Court Domination

In high school, I worked part-time at my local rec center. It wasn’t glamourous but I did at least get in for free in addition to getting hamburger money. On nights that I closed, I was typically there until 9:00 or so at night…unless I had bad luck. The “bad luck” I’m referring to actually … Read more

Badminton vs Tennis: Which One Is Better for You?

Badminton and tennis have much in common. In fact one of the most common elements seem to be that the players hate each other. Well, maybe hate is a strong word. But I’ve never enjoyed the haughty stares from the short-shorts-wearing tennis players as I make my way over to the badminton net. To be … Read more

The Best Portable Badminton Net for Backyard Use in 2021

When I was a kid we would had what my grandpa called a “portable net system” for playing sports. Every 4th of July all of the kids would run out to set it up. It consisted of two poles, stuck into the middle of cement-filled tires. We would roll them into place and string a … Read more

Best Badminton Bag For Serious Beginners and Hobby Players

I’ve always felt that having a great badminton bag is one of the most integral pieces of equipment that you can pick up as a new player. In fact, I purchased a bag long before I bought badminton-specific shoes. My main problem was this: I hate showing up to play looking like a bag lady. … Read more

3 Quick and Easy Methods for Cleaning Tennis Balls

I always intend to put my tennis balls back into the canister when I’m done playing. I think I even succeeded once. You’d think that they would be fine rolling around in my gym bag but you’d be wrong. I can play half a dozen matches and my balls still look new. After a couple … Read more

How High Is A Badminton Net? Every Measurement You’ll Need

“The net is too high!” Believe me, I’ve heard every excuse possible for losing a game of badminton. Usually coming out of my own mouth. Because I don’t want to have to complain every time I lose (or give up a victory on the off-chance that I win) I make sure that, if I set … Read more

Tennis Shoes Too Tight? 5 Sure Ways to Stretch Them

When I was a kid, I always wore my shoes way too tight. In fact, the reason I even learned how to tie my shoes is that my mom wouldn’t tie them as tight as I wanted them. I just didn’t feel right wandering around with shoes that had any flap in them at all. … Read more

The Complete Guide To Badminton Grip Powder

You can see many players requesting the umpire for something, take a little break, go towards their kits, take a small bottle out and sprinkle something over the racket handle. Many people wonder about this mysterious looking thing. It is nothing more than just a normal bottle of badminton Grip powder! Those who are hearing … Read more

Best Badminton Racket

Playing badminton is a fun and exciting. The main fun of this game is you can play this game anywhere you want. To enjoy the game with more excitement you have to own the best badminton set. Badminton sport is one the popular sports. You will be fast and strong once you start this sport. You will … Read more