How To Regrip A Tennis Racket In 5 Easy Steps (Pro Tips)

Besides the strings of a tennis racket, the second most crucial part is the grip. Most tennis players usually ignore this part yet it is very vital in determining how you play the game. Furthermore, the grip determines how you hold the racket and how you strike the tennis ball at an ideal angle.

Professional tennis players understand the importance of the grip, and that is why they replace the grip periodically to keep their games on top. Re-gripping the racket (or getting overgrip) also helps your racket last longer by saving you the hustle of going back to the stores to purchase another racket. 

How To Regrip A Tennis Racket In 5 Steps

1. Purchase New Grips

The first step is to buy new grips that will be used for replacement. The grips should be measured to make sure that they will fit the racket well. The perfect grip size is crucial because it gives you more control of the racket and helps you manipulate the tennis ball like a pro. Each pair of grips usually come with tapes that one can save for later use.

If you are looking for a larger grip or more comfort, consider an overgrip instead.

2. Remove the Old Grip

The second step is to unroll the loose grip from the racket until the clear plastic is exposed. Some handles are made of wood while others are made of plastic. The handle is then cleaned of any old grip and dirt particles to prepare it for the new grip. The removal of the dirt particles ensures that the new grip firmly wraps around the handle.

3. Unroll the New Grip

Once the old grip has been wholly unrolled from the handle of the racket, one should identify the sticky side of the new grip so that it is rolled in the correct manner. Once the sticky side has been identified. The grip should be wrapped around the racket tightly and nicely.

4. Stabilizing the Tennis Racket

During the wrapping process, the racket should be held in a stable position to ensure that the new grip wraps tightly around the handle. It is essential to ensure that the new grip overlaps with each successive wrap to prevent it from slipping and unrolling. The extra grip can always be cut out or used to add another layer of wrapping.

5. Finishing Off Your New Grip

The last step is to slide the collar of the racket down after securing the end of the grip with finishing tape. An important tip to note here is that the end of the new grip should be similar to the end of the old grip so that the same feel of the racket is maintained.


In conclusion, understanding how to regrip a tennis racket is critical because it ensures that the racket can be used comfortably by making sure it absorbs the impact of the tennis ball. Efficient absorption of the extra impact from the tennis ball is essential in increasing the comfort of playing. On top of that, a firmer grip enhances your game and guarantees more topspins.