The 5 Best Tennis Balls I’ve Used This Year (Full Review)

I’ll be honest, buying the best tennis balls on the market isn’t going to save your abysmal court game or conditioning. At least it didn’t do much for mine.

The other problem is that it takes away your ability to blame your mistakes and errors on the ball. But maybe you’re good enough that that’s not a deal.

At higher levels, professionals strive to gain a competitive edge over their opponents, especially in tennis. When it comes to tennis, tennis balls are of great importance. I didn’t fully appreciate this until my recent article about how tennis balls are made.

The amount of design and work that goes into them is far beyond what I imagined. So, if I’m going to be buying them by the case anyway, I might as well get balls that do the job!

So let’s hit a few things, ball brands, rubber type, nap, etc. before we get too deep into my actual choices.

How To Evaluate The Best Tennis Balls

Must you get the best tennis balls? The truth is that every piece of sporting equipment is crucial when it comes to the outcome of the game. From the gear that you wear to the rackets you are using, you cannot take anything for granted if you want to take home the trophy.

It doesn’t matter whether you love playing in the backyard, you will find the best tennis balls for clay courts that can shift the game higher and get some bragging rights. Also, if you are a newbie, there are the best tennis balls for beginners that can help you play with ease. However, the numerous varieties and brands that come with these balls might puzzle even an experienced tennis player.

The following is a definitive guide when it comes to tennis. Regardless of the tennis ball price, you will be able to find cheap tennis balls and also be able to compare several balls such as Penn Vs. Wilson. That means you will eventually make an informed decision after going through the following tennis balls review! Read on for more.


The ball is available in 12 cans with 36 balls, 15 cans with 48 balls, 15 cans containing 45 balls, 4 cans containing 12 balls, and 6 cans with 18 balls. All these balls come at an affordable price.

Penn extra-duty tennis balls feature a natural rubber core that offers a consistent feel throughout your entire playing session. The rubber also helps a lot in minimizing shock as the ball comes to you. On top of that, the ball comes with an interlocked wool fiber cover to prevent wear and improve performance on the court.

To minimize cracking, something that is very common in courts, the ball features deep elastic seams that help in dampening the cracking. Penn tennis balls from Costco are also sanctioned for ITF and USTA tournaments and are also amongst the best-selling tennis balls.

Penn tennis balls cover offers consistency and better playability when playing on the court. Ideally, these balls are ideal for hard grounds, asphalt surfaces, concrete, and outdoors.

What we love about the balls

What we like most about these balls is that they come with multiple cans set at very affordable prices. Their natural rubber build helps in minimizing shock as you play and elastic seams reduce cracking. They are just the best.

What we don’t like

The balls come with reduced packaging.

2. Wilson Extra Duty balls-US Open

Wilson US Open tennis balls are the official balls in the US Open every September, the toughest tournament in the world. The tournament uses over 70,000 tennis balls. Wilson tennis balls have been around since 1979, and it is the only brand that boasts the honor of being an official ball for the US Open.

The balls are made of extremely high-quality wool that is nicely woven to offer a thick and dense feel that equates to durability. Wilson practice tennis balls are also great as they provide the best playing experience. Wilson balls offer a nice playtime with maximum durability a consistency.

Those who love playing on hard courts will benefit from these balls since they are made to be played on hard surfaces, even though they are all-courter. The balls come with a pack of 24 cans containing a total of 72 balls ready to get into the court. Wilson balls have a nice texture with the Wilson logo on their surface.
What we love about them

One thing that we love about Wilson balls is the premium tech feel that comes with these balls, which gives them a nice swing on the court. The tech also adds more accuracy to the player’s shots. Another thing is the fact that they are heavy-duty tennis balls that perform best on hard courts.

What we love about the balls

What we didn’t like about the balls is that they feel less bouncy when playing on soft grounds.

3. Wilson Championship Tennis balls- Extra Duty

Wilson championship extra-duty tennis balls are the best in the market today. They are tournament-level balls that feature a heavy duty feel and are ideal for hard surfaces. The balls are loaded with Dura-Weave which makes them extremely durable, giving you superior performance on the court. The balls are also used in the US Open, NCAA tennis, and Australia Open Grand Slam Championship.

Wilson extra-duty tennis balls are hard and durable enough to increase their lifespan and prevent deformation or getting flat when playing on hard grounds. Most players are happy with the improvement on the balls due to their Dura-Weave feel which increases the ball’s performance.

The balls come with a Wilson tennis ball case for more comfortable carrying and storage. The balls are ideal for the balls are tournament-level ones, but one can still use them for recreational play.

What we love about the balls

One good thing about these balls is that the woven feel is very bright and repels the water very nicely on the playground. Also, the balls are ideal for tournaments and recreational play.

What we don’t like

These tennis balls are very expensive.

4. Penn Practice Tennis balls

Every player can have the best experience with these balls. The balls are ideal for use on clay and soft surfaces. They can quickly wear off on soft surfaces. Tennis practice balls Compared to regular balls are far much better since they play better on indoor grounds as well as outdoor courts.

When you think of practice tennis balls vs. regular balls, practice balls carry the day. The balls are made of wool with an interlocking weave to boost their durability. The ball’s rubber is natural enough to ensure a reliable routine for all the balls in the can. Practice tennis balls bulk is all effective and very affordable. The ball’s natural rubber core prevents shock from hard strikes.

What we love about the balls

These balls are very durable practice balls. They are the best pressure-less tennis balls with 24 cans per case with every case carrying three balls. The balls are more visible due to the Optik Felt.

What we don’t like

The balls become flattered after playing for some time.

5. Tourna Mesh tennis balls carry bag

Tourna tennis balls come with a closeable and convenient reusable mesh bag to simplify transport and storage. The pressureless tennis balls are unique, and you can easily play tennis with them. They are also the best dog tennis balls. If you ever had a ball that went flat or lost its bounce, that’s something that will never happen with Tourna tennis balls.

The balls are made of a non-toxic material with an extra durable felt that is exclusively made to last and cannot wear comfortably.

These balls are constructed from a non-toxic material with an extra durable felt which is exclusively engineered to last longer and free from any wear. Since Tourna balls are quality ones, you can use it for hours without any problems. The balls never go flat or lose their bounce throughout their life.

As a result of the durable felt, these balls are ideal for any court, both soft and hard. The balls are regulation size, but they bounce to regulate height. With these balls, you can hone your skills and become the next big thing in town and internationally. All you need is to get a pack and hit the court.

What we love about the balls

The good thing about these balls is the fact that they come as a pack of 60 high-quality balls in every bag. Unlike some other balls, these won’t lose their bounce or lose their shape. According to the pressure-less tennis balls review, most customers say that the balls are very useful and extremely durable.

What we don’t like

One thing that I found disturbing about these balls is that they are smelly, especially when hit by sunrays.

How To Choose The Right Tennis Balls For You

Just like any other tennis gear, picking the right tennis balls is crucial. The reason is that a tennis ball can make or break your game that is why we believe that as a player you need to choose a tennis ball depending on your needs since it’s an essential part of the game. While all these balls look somehow the same, they come with varying differences that might affect your play style. The following is a detailed buying guide article to help you choose the right pack.

Categories Of Balls

The balls come with a void rubber central part, colored wool as the outer cover, and prominent seams that connect separate parts of the balls. They come in three categories- recreational, professional, and championship-level balls.

Professional class balls

The balls are the best, with the highest specifications. The balls offer great responsiveness, offer certainty when playing, and stand for some of the best balls for tennis that the companies manufacture. Professional ones are used in the US Open, and several other tennis championships and major tennis tournaments. Such balls are very expensive.

Championship balls

Championship balls are the second-best in this category. The balls are used in the local tennis team games, local league matches, and school competitions. In such leagues, balls come from major manufacturers such as Penn, Wilson, Dunlop, and others. In most cases, manufacturers name their balls to have the name of the company which confirms the brand, and its championship rank and proves that it is a classic ball. The balls are ideal for hard surfaces.

Recreational balls

Commonly referred to as practice tennis balls, they are only used for informal games and double plays for those who are not interested in an odd bounce with a standard ball. Also, if looking forward to improving your game, you can use practice balls they are the best for beginners. For beginners, honing their skills with championship or professional balls can be expensive since they wear them off so quickly.

That is why recreational tennis balls are the best for beginners since they are the least expensive. An excellent example of these balls is the Dunlop recreational and the Wilson recreational tennis balls, which are heavy-duty and durable enough to be used on hard surface courts such as clay courts. However, these balls are not permitted in championship leagues because of their poor quality.

The 4 Main Types Of Tennis Balls (and which is best)

Unfortunately, there isn’t a standard naming or rating system for tennis balls. You can call them “extra heavy duty” or “poop duty” and it holds just about as much water.

The names of tennis balls became something of a one-upmanship game between manufacturers. However, here are a few common names you’ll see and what they’re supposed to mean:

Standard duty

Such tennis balls are ideal for outdoor surfaces and indoor clay playgrounds. The balls won’t work well on hard grounds, and they are also not durable.

Extra duty

The balls are ideal for hard court surfaces. These balls are the ones used in championship games such as US open competitions.

High altitude

High-altitude balls are ideal for surfaces where the air is thinner like the courts located at a higher altitude. Sometimes, the balls are pressurized to make sure that the varying air pressure changes how the ball performs during the game.

Extra Durability

Such balls have an extra durable dual inner core that is ideal for preventing the air from escaping the ball. The only problem is that if you open the ball and fail to close it shortly, the air escapes leaving the ball flat and hard to use. Extra durable tennis balls maintain their bouncy responsiveness two times when compared to regular duty balls.

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, choosing good tennis balls is challenging, especially with the hundreds of brands out there. Selecting an ideal brand is very critical. Getting the precise rank of balls for a specific game is very crucial.

Also, choosing the type of ball that is right for you is vital to make sure the balls are durable enough. You need to make sure that you get the right one. With the use of the above information, you will surely get tennis balls that will make your game fun and fulfilling.

All the best!