5 Best Asics Badminton Shoes

Badminton is a rocket sport first played in the 19th century. Do you know that the speed of rocket can reach up to 200kms per hour?

It depends on the talent and skills of the player. Badminton player must focus on the shuttlecock and the game involves a heavy leap, lunges, twists, jumps and running. The heavy movement in the game can cause discomfort and pain to your feet. To decrease this, experts highly recommend wearing Badminton shoes while playing this game. Shoes provide protection, comfort, and safety to your feet. Athletes must wear sports shoes to decrease the injuries and avoid fatigue. Badminton shoes must have perfect balance in between speed and stability.

The back cover floor in this game has marking and non-marking floors which need a different kind of accessories. The right footwear allows the player to have a good grip on to the court, keep the feet safe and provides good comfort. Selecting the right shoes plays a crucial part in this game.

Asics is a leading footwear brand providing dynamic footwear for professional players and champions. Asics means a healthy mind in a healthy body which totally explains the standards of this company. Here are the top five Asics Badminton shoes and their buying guide:

How to Buy Asics Badminton Shoes

Finding the best badminton shoe is not a simple task. It needs groundwork, research, and good analyzing skills. It takes a lot of time to filter all the shoes and chooses a good one. Even though you have done all these things, it is not sure that you found the right one. Many people commit being a mistake while choosing the badminton shoes. A right shoe improves the performance of the player, decreases the effort and keeps you comfortable. You must consider some points to ensure you have found the right one.

Here is the buying guide that explains to you how to choose the right shoe:

How you should pick badminton shoes

A perfect shoe must be made up of best qualities and features. You can find hundreds of shoes everywhere but never get cheated by a cheap quality shoe. Asics company promises many good features for their users and designs their shoes with the latest technology. Here is the best qualities list you must check:

Choose the shoe that matches your Badminton court

Badminton is an outdoor and indoor sport which takes place in Badminton court. Badminton courts are made up of wood, cement and polyurethane material. You need to choose the material that can withstand the force of playing surface. The sole part faces the surface on the court so it must be made up of some features to provide good traction and protection.

​Cement Badminton courts

​Most of the people play Badminton in wood court or polyurethane court. But some of the courts are made up of cement which makes it hard and rough to play on. If you tend to play on this kind of floor, the sole part must be very strong and protect your feet from heavy impacts. It should provide good traction.

​Wood courts

​The wood floors are usually very smooth and slippery. They provide very less traction and players also tend to slip if they lose the grip.You must choose the shoe that has gum rubber sole which has very high traction and protects you from the slippery surface.

​Polyurethane floor

​This type of floor can be mostly seen in indoor games. You can wear a shoe made up of the synthetic sole that has good patterns on the bottom.

​Know your expert level

​Badminton shoes come in many categories like entry level shoes, expert level shoes depending on the needs of the user. Beginners do not need shoes with heavy features because they should learn the game first without any problem Beginner level shoes are light in weight and easy to wear. Expert level shoes are heavy in weight and designed to provide high traction and grip to prevent injuries.

​Cushioning system

​One of the best features of Ascis badminton shoes is the cushioning system. Asics company specially builds the cushioning system with latest technology features. Gel cushioning, rearfoot cushioning, forefoot cushioning are some of the types of systems that are used in this shoes. Here are the advantages of the cushioning system:

  • Shock absorption: The primary purpose of the cushioning system is shock absorption during impacts. Badminton game involves jumping, running and moving around. Your feet get fatigue and pain due to impacts with the group.d The cushioning system resists the shock, force, and pressure from the ground and keep your feet healthy.
  • Prevention of injuries: Shock absorption and resistance protect your feet from injuries and tiredness. You may never feel any pain with this shoes and can play for longer hours without discomfort.
  • Good footrest: Your feet definitely need some rest after playing for hours of time. Cushioning system provides good comfort to your feet where your feet can rest happily.

Size and weight

Finding the right size of badminton footwear is really an important thing to avoid discomfort and size problems. Th width and length of the shoe must match the person’s foot size. Asics offers different ranges of sizes to fit properly for the user. The weight of the shoe also affects your performance in the game. Heavy shoes slow you down and cause huge discomfort. it distracts your concentration on the game and reduces your speed. So, make sure the shoe is light in weight which relatively increases your speed and makes it easy to jump. The sole part must be light in weight and the whole design should be simple. The experts suggest the ideal weight of badminton shoe as 250 to 400 grams.


Players face a huge problem with sweat and moisture. It involves heavy movements where the player gets heavy sweating and it makes shos to get wet quickly. The moisture causes the growth of bacteria and fungi which causes bad odor and allergies. Your feet need proper ventilation and breathability to maintain cool and dry surroundings. The shoes must be made up of air mesh and lightweight material which allows good airflow into the shoe.


Asics is one of the international footwear brand providing the best footwear for more than 60 years. Choosing the shoe based on the brand is actually a good thing because branded companies maintain good standards and provide leading footwear.

Ankle Support

The ankle part of your feet gets heavy stress while playing this game. When you jump, run and twist, your ankle gets into stressful motion and needs good support to move freely. You may also have to run backward forward to follow the movement of shuttlecock where the whole pressure puts on the angle part. So, badminton shoes need good ankle support to help the user to move quickly.

Sole thickness

The sole thickness can improve your performance levels. It changes the center of gravity, balance, and responsiveness. Thicker soles are better for badminton players as it controls the motion of the shoe.

Sole Type

Shoes come with different types of soles which performs different purposes. The type of sole depends on the badminton court. There are two types of soles:

  • Rubber Soles: Rubber soles are made up of synthetic rubber which has lesser traction and provides little grip on the ground. It suits for rough surface areas which have good friction.
  • Gum Rubber Soles: Gum rubber soles are made up of gum rubber which has good impact and grip on the ground. This kind of soles is actually good for the badminton game.

Non-marking shoes

​It is a rule in badminton that players should not leave shoe marks on the court surface. The bottom of the shoe should not leave any sort of markings while playing. Make sure your shoe has this feature before the selection.


​Ergoshape is a term used to define the ability of the device to improve the productivity of the subject without causing any discomfort and fatigue. Ergoshape badminton shoes are pretty rare to find but you must prefer these shoes. It provides good comfort to your feet and toes. It gives flexibility and enough freedom to move freely.

​Moisture control

​The double air mesh has the ability to absorb all the moisture quickly and keep your feet dry during the game. It protects your feet from discomfort.

​The comfort of the shoe

​The cushioning in the shoe helps to provide fast and easy movement to your leg. The best feature of these shoes is they are flexible and light in weight that helps your feet stay comfortable while playing. These shoes provide the all-around comfort and feel soft underfoot. Comfortable shoes help a player to focus on the game without any distractions.

​The durability of the shoe

​Finding a perfect fit and model is not an easy thing. Some people love their shoes and want to wear them for their lifetime. Durability is one of the factors that help to maintain your shoes for a long time. Shoes made up of high-quality materials lasts for a very long time and serves you the best.

​Good responsive time

​Shoes come with responsiveness as per the action of the player. Good responsive time increases the performance of the player. Always make sure your shoe is smart enough to get along with your movement.Badminton shoes have to be responsive to increase the performance of the game.

​Better foot movement

​The interior of the shoe must allow the foot to move freely without any obstacle. Your shoe should allow your feet to move with a wide range of free motion. The flexibility at the forefoot should be good and overall your feet have to be happy in it.


Last but not least, everyone wears their shoe for high protection levels. The sole purpose of the shoe is to protect your feet from injuries and outer dangers. From ancient times footwear are protecting our feet from a lot of risks and injuries. So, always choose the right one that guards your feet. Never allow some external thing show the effect on your game.

Reasons to trust us

How can one believe by just looking at the reviews of the product? You need to know the benefits and the options in order to purchase as you are the one who is investing in the product. So to clarify the doubts of people, our professional team have made research and examined the qualities and benefits of having these shoes for you.

To find the best products we have made a deep search on all the products which are available in the market. Out of all the products these are best and high-quality shoes that provide the highest comfort.

As there are numerous products people often get confused and commit mistakes while choosing the badminton shoes. To overcome this trouble, we have contacted many experts in this field to find the good qualities of a good shoe. After all the research, we have come to the conclusion and brought these products to you.

Why you should invest in Badminton shoe

People who are passionate about sports need to own the sports shoe. They help to protect the foot from any injuries and provides comfort while playing. Players concentrate on the game during the match and unknowingly they put more stress on their foot. This may lead to pain and reduces the focus on your game.

So, it is always important for a player to wear shoes to provide comfort and win in every game. Badminton is a simple game for the viewer but not for the player. This game requires quick direction changes. Wearing a high-quality shoe ensures to protect the feet without causing injury and helps you to concentrate on the game without any pain.

How We Tested

Before listing these products our engineers and the testing team have made an outstanding work to find the best shoes. After performing various tests on all the products available in the market they have chosen the top ten sports shoes.

Based on the buying guide our product engineers have filtered the best five shoes from the list. To ensure the quality of the product our researchers have performed lab tests and selected the best sports shoes from the list.

We have also performed practical tests on the selected list and checked all the factors including stability and durability. We have gifted these products to professional badminton players to check the reliability and quality of these shoes. The results of the experiment are listed below:

  • ​Great comfort.
  • Highly durable.
  • Good traction.
  • Highly protective.
  • High quality.
  • The whole design is flexible.
  • All the shoes perfectly fit the needs of badminton players.
  • Good cushioning system

Care and maintenance

​Taking a good care of your sports shoes increases the durability of it. Wash your shoes frequently and never let them stay in the dirt. Follow the instructions of manufactures and keep them safe. Good maintenance obviously increases the durability of your shoe.

Final Verdict

So, here are the top five Best Asics Badminton shoes. Take your own time and make your choice based on the points in buying the guide. Badminton is an international game which needs good concentration and focuses to win. A comfortable shoe can increase your confidence levels and always supports you. Choose the best one based on the personal preference, taste, and requirements.

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