The Best Portable Badminton Net for Backyard Use In 2023

When I was a kid we had what my grandpa called a “portable net system” for playing sports. Every 4th of July all of the kids would run out to set it up. It consisted of two poles, stuck into the middle of cement-filled tires. We would roll them into place and string a net between them.

We didn’t know how high a badminton net should be so we put the net as high as we could reach (way too high) and called it the perfect height for badminton, volleyball, water balloon tosses, etc.

While I do miss the days of our 7-foot-tall badminton net (as well as our 3-pound wooden rackets from my grandpa’s barn) I’m not quite ready to start pouring cement in tires to make my own net system. These days there are so many portable badminton nets and sets that can have from just about any store. Let’s be frank, most of them are garbage, but there are a few diamonds in the rough that is set up fairly well and are durable enough for backyard badminton games.

So whether you want to lug your portable badminton set-up to the beach, the park, or a friend’s house, we’ve got you covered. I’d like to say that I bought 10 different badminton nets to test and rank but that’s not the case. I don’t have the money for that and don’t actually make money off of this blog.

Instead, I did a ton of research, read lots of reviews, and then bought a single net. I figured that, if everyone else loved it and it did the job for me, then I’d be comfortable recommending it. Is there a better net out there at a similar price? It’s possible but I doubt it. And, if I were you, I wouldn’t want to risk it. Because the net I choose is pretty freakin’ awesome! Check it out on Amazon.

What To Look for In Portable Badminton Net

I hate to be glib, but when people have asked my opinion on the best badminton net I always have to respond, “It depends on what you want.” Which is not very helpful, but it’s true. “Best” is an absolutely relative term. How much do you want to spend? Where will it be used? How competitively do you want to play? Will there be children hanging on the bottom of the net? So many questions…

My recommendation is based on the net I bought for a specific purpose I wanted a badminton net that I could set up in the backyard but could also take to the beach, park, or family reunions. Here’s what I was looking for:

Size, Height, and Weight

It is a matter of fact that the height of the badminton net can change the whole game. Do you know how high is a badminton net typically? It is 1.55 meters which is 5ft 1 inch high at the edges and five feet high in the center part. Make sure the height is good enough for the game because most people commit mistakes selecting the wrong height which leads to mishits in the game. You can check more here about Badminton net height.

Quality and Durability

Quality must be the first thing you need to check before purchasing any product because it is what decides the lifetime. Investing in badminton equipment is not a simple thing so you should not buy something that is of cheap quality.

Badminton nets and poles stay outside and face a harsh environment which makes them favorable to rust infections. Choose the net which features rust resistance. This helps you to save your equipment from rust and dust.

Materials Used

​Most badminton nets are made up of polyester, nylon, and plastic materials. Some manufacturers reinforce nylon and polyester materials to increase the lifetime. Branded nets are designed with strong materials which are treated clinically to face extreme environments.


​As you can observe, notice that the badminton net has a particular structure. Some of the nets come with braided design and some with straight line design. The edges and bottom parts are strongly braided to withstand the force in the game and keep the badminton net to the pole tightly in one position. The center part differs in shape when compared to the edges to maintain the tension.

​Adjustable height

​The latest badminton nets are designed with a versatile feature of adjustable height in which users can adjust the height of the net according to their needs. When kids play this game, they need a short heightened net compared to adults. So, you can choose this option if you want to change the height levels. Adjustable net height is a great option to limit the height and encourage your kids to play happily.

​Easy installation

​The setup process of the badminton net can take up to 10-20 minutes based on the instructions given by the manufacturer. Few nets need five minutes time to quickly setup, and you can do it without any tools.

​Other Things To Think About

You must be smart during the process of choosing the net and following the buying guide is a key to this step. Experts recommend understanding the different models and designs of badminton equipment before investing in it to save your time and energy.

Here are specific criteria that help you to choose the right one

Are you going to use it for the Indoor or outdoor game?

Badminton is an international game played by many people all around the world no matter what age they are. It is an entertaining game that can be performed in indoor or outdoor places like beaches, gardens, courts, grounds, and indoor stadiums.

You can choose the design by quickly checking the place you are going to play the badminton game. If you tend to play the game in places like the beach or if you live in a typical climate where you have more humidity, the net may get rusted and weaken the tension levels.

In this case, you should choose outdoor badminton nets for more resistance.

How portable do you need it to be?

Badminton nets must be portable and weigh less to be carried around the places.

​Usually, badminton kits weigh a lot that can be tough to carry with you. The latest nets are designed with simple carry cases and folding designs through which users can easily carry the net without any problem.

Is it durable?

There’s nothing more important than the durability of the product. It can be a massive disappointment if the product gets damaged or teared up within a few days of purchase.

​Choose a net made up of high-quality materials and engineered with a strong design to prevent the net tension, and pressure and withstand the forces in the game.

Check the versatility…

Looking for a versatile badminton net is a pretty smart thing because some nets can also be used for tennis and volleyball games a lot.

Even in the badminton game, there are a lot of different rules and game types which need different net types.

When you are playing doubles or triples, you may have to require a more extended badminton net to suit the game.

Know the best one that fits you

It is a better thing to invest in a net that is adjustable according to your needs. Adjustable nets help people of all heights and angles to play well.

Take note of your requirements before the purchase.


Q. How to check the heights of the badminton net?

A: Many manufacturers describe the heights in the description part of the badminton sets. The heights of badminton nets come in three different types, large, short, and adjustable heights.

Q. What is the size of the Badminton net according to the rules and regulations?

A: The regulated size of this net must be five feet and one inch high in the parts of edges and five feet high at the center part. The length of the net should be twenty feet.

Q. What is the size of the badminton court?

A: The court size is twenty feet wide for doubles games and seventeen feet wide for single games.

Q. What is the best outer coat? Steel or metal?

A: Both outer coats work as same and protect the equipment.

Q. What is the process of setting the net?

A: You can find the setup process in the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them precisely. The Badminton net set comes with clear instructions that are user-friendly.

Final Verdict

Here are the top five best badminton nets along with their buying guides. Now take your time to do your research on your needs and choose the right one. Selecting the right net allows you to focus on the game more clearly, target the opponent and win the game.

In sports like badminton, equipment plays a significant role to win or lose the game. Stay alert and select the best one.