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How To Serve In Badminton

How To Serve In Badminton

Those who serve the best, end up as winners! This quote works perfectly in the matter of Badminton and Serving is the starting part of your game. Mastering in the Badminton serve and learning various techniques can improve your game. The right serve is a weapon and can defeat your opponent instantly.

If you do not know how to serve you are directly giving the opportunity to the opponent to win against you with attacking shots. There are specific rules in the Badminton you need to follow when you are making a serve.

Here are the types of serves that explain to you how to serve in Badminton

Low serve

Low serve is a killer shot and used to make shuttlecock land directly on to the land in the opponent's court. In this technique, the shuttlecock just flies above the net and falls where your opponent may not have enough time to hit it in that short distance. You must make sure to hit the shuttle with certain speed and force to perfectly reach the position. Your opponent defensive shot may smash the shuttle in the same way so be ready for a counter-attack.

High serve

The high serve goal is to make the shuttle to land outside of the court. In this serve, player focuses on the shuttle and makes it reach back end of the court. It attacks your opponent's ability to smash the shuttlecock with extra force and weakness the backhand. The shuttlecock moves upwards and travels very high in the air. This makes it falls in the backward direction where the player needs to use a backhand to hit the shuttlecock.

Drive serve

Drive serve aims for immediate reaction and makes receiver to miss the shuttlecock. This technique is used by professional users to defeat competitive players.

Badminton Serve

Badminton serves rules

While serving, the direction is also an important thing. You can play with it in different angles. You can do serve in other direction, straight and wide. When you are doing straight serve then you have to do down from the center line. When you will serve in wide angles, the shuttlecock may fall in wide direction.

So you have to learn the winning techniques. Because when you have the knowledge and great confidence to hit with accuracy and precision than the game can be decided whether you are winning or losing it. Here are some rules to learn and apply the techniques.

  • ​Step 1

Start with basic rules. When you are standing on the court try to stand in the box without touching any lines. Serve diagonally. When you see the score is even then served in the right direction from the left and when the score number is odd than your direction is from left to right. The shuttle place will be below of your waist and the shaft angle of the racket is angled down.

  • Step 2

For forehead server, the hold of the racket will be the straightforward grip. To hold this grip, you have to turn the racket in the edge and grasp the handle. It is like shaking hand with the racket. Around the handle, you have wrap fingers and thumbs.

  • Step 3

For backhand servers, the racket hold will be thumb grip. The way is to hold the racket with grip and turn hand in counterclockwise.

As you have seen the term forehand and backhand serves, then know about them a little more:

Forehand Serves:

  • ​Step 1

You have to hold the feather shuttlecock with thumb and index finger. With this hold your forehand serve will be done in low. Keep the non-racket leg before your racket leg. Make sure your body weight is on the back foot.

  • Step 2

Keep your racket on the back waist, make sure it is high enough. Then transfer your body weight on the front foot. Now swing the racket forward. Then release the shuttle ahead from the lower body to the side of the racket path. Now make the connection with the shuttle by pushing in slow motion. Then deliver a smooth swing.

  • Step 3

You have to change techniques for various forehand serves. When you are delivering a flick serve, you have to flick wrist forward in a second. You can also deliver a drive serve with power and force while connecting with the shuttle. To hit a high serve you have to swing the racket with a big arch.

Backhand Serves:

  • Step 1

The way is you have to hold the shuttle feather and stand with racket leg. You have to turn torso to forward your chest face. Hold the racket in your body front and in down angle. Keep space between the racket and body to make a good back swing.

  • Step 2

For back swing, take your racket forward and let the shuttle go. You have to hit the shuttle in a gentle push. The technique is you have to let go at the last moment and give a smooth swing by continuing pushing it forward.

  • Step 3

For backhand flick, you have to change technique. You have to take a slow back swing and when you are moving the racket forward to increase speed. The main thing is you have to practice to get the technique done with perfection.

I think in this article how to serve in badminton information has given with details. For beginners and those who want to develop skills, this information will help a lot.

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