How To Play Badminton And Win As A Beginner – 5 Easy Steps

Badminton is an international game played by using a racket, shuttlecock, and net. Badminton is played as both an indoor and outdoor game depending on the players’ wishes.

This game was first developed in British India and become popular all around the world. People of all age groups can play this game but it definitely needs ability, strength, fitness, and speed. To elevate your game, you must run with the speed of light, have a strong sense of defense strategy, and a powerful swing

It looks like a simple game but it takes a lot of skills and techniques to play this game perfectly.

If you are a beginner you can’t play the game without knowing the basic rules and tips. However, this isn’t going to be a highly technical explanation of the rules and techniques. The purpose of the game is to have fun. If you are able to figure out the game enough to start playing, that is where your real progress will come.

Equipment Needed:

Professional badminton players (like any top-level athletes) are a bit gear-crazy. Bags, rackets, grips, shoes, and everything in between.

Equipment for the game

  • Badminton Net
  • Racket
  • Shuttlecock
  • Racket Grip
  • Badminton Court
  • Badminton Shoes

Badminton Set Up

You need to set up a net in between the court to begin the game. Badminton courts do have a net but if you want to play the game on the beach or outdoors, you can arrange your own Badminton court.

How To Play Badminton – Step By Step

1. Learn The Objective Of The Game

The main objective of the game is pretty simple, to hit the shuttlecock across the net aiming it into your opponent’s court. In a Badminton game, the court is divided into two parts and occupied by opposite player parties. The player should hit the shuttlecock with the rocket with high speed and the ability to give defensive hits to keep winning.

Shuttlecock flies very fast and needs perfect striking force and the right technique. You need to ht in an upwards direction below your wrist and use the underarm action. Hit at the center of the shuttlecock as it is made up of rubber which takes maximum acceleration and force.

You need to practice hitting it at the sweet spot of the shuttle.

You can hit it slow, fast, high, low, and flat depending on the technique and skills. Hitting the shuttlecock with high speed and perfect height at the arc will be a killer shot and gives you more control of the game.  

​The Badminton game is totally controlled by physics as momentum, acceleration and speed handle the game all the time. You have to keep up with the force and speed to maintain the momentum of the shuttlecock.

​2. Keep Your Position On The Court

​It is an important thing you need to check before starting the game. You must know where to stand on the court while playing and the best place is the center of the court. This place allows you to reach all around the court easily and face the counterattacks of your opponent.

​If you stay on either side of the court, you are giving the opportunity to the opponent player to hit the shuttle to the places where you can’t reach. Always stay alert and be spontaneous in the movement.

3. How Badminton Scoring Works

Badminton scoring works in a similar way to volleyball.

In a rally-score configuration, someone scores a point every time there is a serve. Basically, if you mess up, the other person gets a point.

If you fail to return a serve or volley, the other person gets a point (provided that they landed the shuttlecock within bounds).

​4. Learn To Strike and Serve

​Learning simple tips about how to stroke the shuttle is very important. First, practice holding the racket correctly and use a forehand grip by putting pressure on your wrist. First, hit the shuttlecock hit very high into the air and give it a forward hit to reach the other side of the net.

​Practice different techniques to hit the shuttle in different directions to weaken the ability of the opponent. You can practice the game without the net and play it yourself until you feel confident about your skills. After getting some experience you can go into the field. Do not let the shuttle touch the floor and play the game at full speed. Do not hit the shuttle under or into the net.

​If the shuttle lands out-of-bounds and touches the ground, it is the end of the game and points to the opposite player. You can play the game in singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. You can practice short and long serves as a low and high force.

5. Recognize Faults & Fouls

The most common fault in Badminton is a failed serve. If you fail to return the shuttlecock you fail to earn a point. Some common faults include:

  • failing to return the shuttlecock
  • hitting and failing to cross the net
  • hitting the shuttlecock out of bounds

​It is obvious that every game needs the right technique and techniques to win it. A Badminton game has simple rules and steps you can follow easily. All groups of people can play it and it is actually good exercise for your body. Now take your racket and enter the court!