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yonex badminton shoes

Badminton is one of the most competitive and exciting games for a player and the viewer. It challenges people of all ages and tests the levels of ability. Playing the game with right accessories will aid the player to move into next level. The main prior shield for a badminton player is the shoe.

Badminton players have to fight against gravity, impacts and have to perform high levels of lateral movements. To reduce the risk of injuries and increase the productivity, Never let a wrong pair of footwear to kill your game and spoil your success. You must wear right footwear that protects you.

Yonex is one of the top-selling brands providing amazing footwear from a very long time. This company gained the top place with its unbeatable quality and performance. The benefit of wearing a badminton shoe is the player feels comfort and protects their foot from injuries. You can focus happily on the game without any problem. You can find numerous of shoes in the marketplace and might get confused in choosing the right one. Picking a wrong shoe will show side effects of using it and may cause more pain to your foot.

Comparison Table of Best Yonex Badminton Shoes  2018

  • Yonex Aerus 2 LX Women's
  • Color: White/Yellow

  • Our Rating: 9/10
  • Yonex SHB 03 EX
  • Color: White/Black

  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Yonex Aerus 2 MX Red
  • Color: Red

  • Our Rating: 8/10

2018’s Reviews Of The Best Yonex Badminton Shoes

After reading the buying guide, we hope you got good knowledge about how to choose the best one. It is really tough to find out the shoe which has all the features mentioned in the buying guide. It takes a lot of effort to search and select the products from the internet. So, to save your time and energy, we have chosen the products for you.

Here are the top five Yonex Badminton Shoe Reviews:

1. Yonex Aerus 2 LX Women's Badminton Court Shoes

Yonex court shoe is our first pick on this list and perfectly fits for all your indoor court games. Badminton game needs shoes which are light in weight and the player should feel no pressure. The Double Russel Mesh is an ultra-fine mesh used in the making of upper in this shoe gives you good breathability and allows good ventilation.

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It is proved that double Russell mesh provides eight times high levels of breathability than ordinary materials. The rubber sole is very tough and has good traction power. It is made up of high-quality PU leather which gives you good comfort. The midsole consists of Hyper msLite which creates 10% lighter shoe.

​Product Features:

  • Made up of high-quality Fabric and leather.
  • Designed with double resussel mesh which is light in weight and highly durable.
  • Designed with power cushion that gives you good support that gives control lateral movement.
  • Consists of Hyper msLite
  • Designed with solid EVA
  • Made up of 3D power graphite sheet.
  • The interior is made up of power cushion for comfort.


  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Well designed.


  • No space in front

2. Yonex SHB 03 EX Indoor Court Shoes

Yonex court shoes are specially designed with asymmetrical fit to support your feet. The Power cushion inside the shoe enhances the transfer of energy and increases the responsiveness of the shoe.

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The soft middle layer takes care of your underfoot and absorbs the shock load to transfer the shock energy to provide good comfort. It is made up of high-quality material that gives you great durability.

​Product Features:

  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Designed with hard top and bottom layers to absorb more shock
  • Designed with a soft middle layer.


  • Comfortable.
  • Simple design


  • Issues with lace.

3. Yonex Aerus 2 MX Red 2017 New Badminton Shoes 

Yonex Badminton shoes are one of the lightest badminton shoes you can ever use. It is a solid fit for all the needs of Athletes and helps you to maintain good conditions for your feet. It weighs just 270g which is recommended weight by experts.

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It is made up of high-quality material which provides superior ventilation and comfort. The polyester mesh doubles the breathability and allows good air flow inside the shoe. The EVA midsole made up of ethyl vinyl acetate which is low weight and gives good stability.

​Product Features:

  • Made up of P.U leather for enhanced comfort.
  • Designed with power cushion
  • Designed with EVA midsole.


  • Durable
  • Good durability.


  • Issues with the sole.

4. PC AERUS LCW II Badminton Shoes 

PC AERUS Badminton shoe features 3D power graphite sheet which is a unique feature in Badminton shoes. The outsole is made up of rubber that increases the durability and toughness The durable skin light and double ruseel mesh offers good ventilation.

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The midsole is designed with power cushion, 3D power graphite sheet, Hyper msLite and solid EVA for extra comfort and protection. The 3D power graphite sheet is created by latest technology which has the ability to maintain good thermal conditions as it consists of excellent thermal conductivity properties.

​Product Features:

  • Designed with PU leather.
  • Designed with double Russell mesh
  • Midsole is made up of power cushion, 3Dpower graphite sheet, and solid EVA
  • The outsole is made up of rubber.


  • Best quality
  • Comfortable.


  • Low breathability.

5. Yonex PC65 Wide Badminton Shoes

Yonex Badminton shoe comes in the final position of our list. With 30% more shock absorption, the hard top and bottom repulse the shock during the impacts. Soft middle layer molds according to your movements and quickly returns to original shape soon after receiving the shock load. It is made up of high-quality synthetic material which is light in weight.

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​Product Features:

  • Made up of high quality synthetic.
  • Hard top and bottom layers for good shock absorption.
  • Designed with power cushion.
  • The upper is made up of PU leather and double Russell mesh
  • Rubber outsole


  • Shock absorption.
  • Water resistance.
  • Good quality.


  • Size issues.

Shopping Guide For Yonex Badminton Shoes

Many people get confused in the selection of footwear especially in the matter of sports. Badminton shoes are different from ordinary shoes and have many features to suit the needs of players. Choosing a wrong shoe can hurt your feet while playing, causes injuries and also have a risk of affecting your performance. Shoes are the first essential accessories for Badminton game and experts highly recommend to choose a pair of shoes that fit all your needs.

How did we pick Yonex Badminton Shoes

A perfect Badminton footwear must be light in weight, protective, supportive and must have many qualities. It is really important to carefully analyze each and every feature to avoid any mistakes. You must examine every item in detail to choose the appropriate footwear. Various manufacturers designed shoes with different kind of features.

​You can find thousands of shoes in e-commerce websites and in retail shops around you. Do not get confused with the brands and always prefer the shoe that has amazing qualities.

​Here are the best qualities of the sports shoes:


It is one of the most important features you must check because it decides the comfort of the shoe. The comfort and stability of the foot depending on the shape of the shoe. The structure must be flexible, effective, ergonomic and protective. After wearing the shoe it should mold according to the shape of your feet. The forefoot and toe part should have enough space for forwarding, backward and lateral movements. It should also provide good stability for your feet for good protection.

Good cushioning

Sports shoes must have good cushioning and footrest to save your feet from getting tired while jumping and running. Badminton players might have heavy impacts on the ground where they need a shoe that repulses pressure and force.

Power cushion

The interior of the Yonex shoe should be designed with power cushion which serves the purpose of shock absorption. While playing the Badminton, player jumps, lunges, runs and twists all around with lateral movements. To withstand this pressure and force, the shoe must have power cushioning to absorb the pressure while impacts. The shock absorber also maintains the body balanced by equally distributing your weight all around.


Comfort is one of the main concern for all players. Finding a shoe that offers the best comfort is not an easy thing. These shoes are prominent in enhancing the comfort and makes you feel at ease while playing. Here are some of the factors that affect the comfort levels:

  • Size: The size of the shoe must be same as the size of your feet and make sure you have measured your feet before purchasing the one. Usually, you must select the shoe which is a little bit longer to increase the movement levels.
  • Body weight: The body weight changes the center of the gravity on your feet. Make sure you feel comfortable inside the shoe and the weight got equally distributed all around the feet.
  • Interior: The interior of the shoe should be made up of high-quality materials to provide good comfort. Badminton players often tend to practice for long hours and gets tired. To reduce the fatigue and pain, the interior must be well designed. Yonex shoes create extremely good conditions inside the shoe with enhanced breathability, support, and protection.
  • Water resistance: It is obvious that sports shoes must have water resistance properties to prevent water and moisture from entering your shoe.


Investing in a low-quality shoe can be waste of your time and also causes injuries to your feet. Badminton shoes usually last for one to two years depending on the quality of the material and design. Make sure to choose the best quality shoes to ensure the durability.

Double Russel Mesh

Badminton players often face problems with sweat and moisture as it involves physical movement. Sweat and moisture do causes irritation and also allergies. It has the ability to absorb the moisture 8 times better than the normal material. It reduces unnecessary moisture, keeps your feet cool and dry. This mesh is light in weight and provides good air flow. This mesh has multiple benefits and helps you to play happily.


It is always better to select your shoe with extra space so that you can move your shoes inside easily. If the shoe is too tight, it can cause heavy friction between your feet and shoe. This can create blisters and injuries to your feet. Also, your sports shoe can get loose eventually after using it for sometimes. So, make sure to choose your footwear that fits correctly as it is really essential to prevent discomfort.


The sole is the main part of the shoe that withstands the force and pressure during the impact. The upper part and sole make the whole design of the shoe. It is part of the shoe and most of the soles are made up of rubber, synthetic and gum rubber materials. Gum rubber soles provide high traction and give you a good grip on the ground. But this kind of soles gets dirty and dusty quickly which reduces the traction. So, you have to clean these shoe frequently to stay safe. Some soles are made up of asymmetric patterns which prevent injuries.


The heel is the under part of the sole that raises your feet up from the ground. Heel part is usually higher in the rear part of the shoe compared to the front part. The heel part gets connected to the upper part of the shoe. Badminton shoe should have higher heel compared to ordinary shoes. The heel has to be responsive in nature.


The insole is a layer of material which covers the insides of the shoe as a wall between the outsole and your foot. Insole must be made up of soft, smooth and high-quality material to add comfort and protection. It keeps in touch with your skin so it should give good breathability. Few insoles are made up of linings which increases the lifespan.


Outsole comes in contact with the ground and it is different from all the other parts of the shoe. It must provide good grip on to the ground, durable, reliable, and water resistant. Outsoles are made up of different materials and are very thin to thick in size.


From ancient times, people are wearing footwear to protect their feet from risks in the environment. A shoe is a protection for our feet from surroundings. Badminton shoes are designed to prevent your feet from injuries, blisters, moisture, fatigue, discomfort, and pain. You can play all day in these shoes without getting tiredness.


As the players run and jump all around the ground, the shoe has to give you good stability and keep your feet safe. Some shoes may move or slip due to poor design and cheap quality. So, be sure that your shoe is well designed. Also, it should allow the wearer to move easily.


There are three types of badminton courts made up of wood, polyutherene, and cement. Wood and polyutherene are very smooth in nature and needs high traction levels. These floors are slippery and can cause the player to slip while twisting and jumping. You have to prefer gum rubber soles if you tend to play on wood floors as they provide good traction and holds on to the ground.

Reasons to trust us

People believe in words only after knowing the facts. So, we have made a few tests to know about the facts of these products. Picking a high-quality badminton shoe is not an easy task. To determine the quality and performance of a badminton shoe you always need to consider two factors. One is the traction and the other is the grip. Keeping in mind of our valuable readers, we made an intent search in figuring out the best badminton shoes from all the available products in the market.

We have read many books and articles about Badminton and its accessories. We worked hours of time researching of different features and qualities. After collecting all the information, we gathered the data in the buying guide. With the help of this buying guide, we made a list of ten good badminton shoes and performed the tests on them. Our specialists have performed a search and finalized the five top badminton shoe that protects your foot from any incident.

​Why you should get this

​Sports shoes are always the best choice for a sports lover. To be an achiever you need to move freely and stay comfortable on the court. These shoes provide the best comfort and keep your foot protected from injuries. Most of the badminton players focus on buying excellent badminton racket. But they neglect about shoes which are very crucial for every player. Wearing supportive shoe can help improve the posture of your body. Most of the pains like back pain and shin splints start from the foot.

​So, it is always important to take care of your foot to have a healthy body. Shoes help to balance your feet and align them with the rest of your body from uncomfortable surfaces and sharp objects. These shoes satisfy the needs that offer comfortable footwear which is light and cool. While playing you have to move in different directions quickly and your feet get involved in twisting backward, forward and sideways.

You may not be able to move your feet freely with low-quality shoes. Wearing a good shoe with high performance can help you to win against the competitor. These shoes help to reduce the stress on your foot and increase the performance of your game and even your body.

​Do you know that stress can kill your game and can take you away from success?

​Yonex shoes are specially engineered with two dynamic features of power cushion and double mesh which offer the best comfort where you can easily jump and land on the ground by feeling warm and supported.

​Best Yonex Badminton Shoes: How We Tested

​We performed an outrageous hard work in finding the best shoes for you. While selecting them we have consulted the professionals and doctors to know about the best features of a shoe. Our research team has made various tests to know about the pros and cons of these shoes.

​They performed lab tests to know the performance of these shoes compared to the normal shoes. To satisfy the needs and requirements of badminton players our team have chosen the best products that offer flexibility and reliability. We asked five athletes to use them for one month to know about the features.

  • Enhanced Performance: These shoes are light in weight that helps in improving the performance of your shoes. They provide sufficient ventilation for a free movement of your foot. They are also best in providing the better air ventilation and exchange for a good performance.
  • Prevents Blisters and injuries: These shoes help in preventing moisture accumulation inside your shoes. The soles of these shoes play a better role in preventing blisters. Also, the interior of these shoes is made up of smooth lining that is skin friendly and takes good care of your skin. It absorbs all the moisture and sweat to keep your feet dry.
  • Improved comfort and support: As the shoes are made with power cushion it increases the levels of comfort.
  • Highly durable: All the shoes are durable and reliable.After checking all these best qualities and features we are satisfied with products and brought the products here for you.

Care and maintenance

Taking a little care of shoe offers the wide range of benefits. Cleaning your shoe helps the inside of the shoe to remain fresh. After washing or using dry the shoes naturally. Be careful while cleaning the double russel mesh and take care of your laces.

Final Verdict

Now take your own time to do your own research and select the best one that fits all your needs. Badminton shoes increase your performance and help you to focus on the movement of Shuttlecock. Sports makes you drain mentally and physically so while choosing the sports accessories so stay smart and wise!

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