Best Badminton Overgrip & Replacement Tapes (Complete Guide)

Last Thursday my friend and I were trading shots on the badminton court at a local gym. He lobbed a high one at me and I tried to smash it down his throat. Instead, when I swung, my racket flew out of my hand, smashed him in the face, and we spent the rest of the night at the hospital. I guess since he didn’t finish I technically won the round.

Actually, that never happened. Do you know why?

Because I use decent replacement grip tape on my badminton racket and don’t wrap overgrip over the original tape.

I’m not one of those people that will just accept whatever garbage comes wrapped around my racket handle. I’ve never understood people who buy an expensive racket and then don’t adjust the only surface they interface with it: the grip. It’s like buying a 200mph sports car and then deciding never to adjust the seat.

But I digress.

You’re here for my grip review and to find out which, of all the options on the market, is the best badminton overgrip and/or replacement grip tape. Well, I can help with both of those.

If you’re here to find out how to hold your racket, I could help with that too. But I’m not going to. At least not in this article.

What makes a great badminton overgrip?

When you are considering having a badminton racket, you have to focus on different factors. The rackets come in size and length. It is obvious that sellers will not know your preference. You have to be smart and choose.

It is best to pick a grip that is thinner. For this, you can make the grip wrap thicker or less thick. It all depends upon your comfort. A small handle makes your racket control balanced and smooth. Adjusting with a thick grip is hard.

​3 Types of Badminton Grip

​You will find 3 types of badminton grip on the market.

Let’s learn a little about them.

  • Replacement Grip:  As you can guess by the name. This grip replaces the original one. The original is with the racket when you get one. With a replaceable grip, the grip gets thicker. The material of the grip is polyurethane. It makes the grip comfortable and soft. You will find it also has a shock and sweat absorber.
  • Overgrip: Very similar to a replacement grip, an overgrip is an adhesive tape that is meant to go overtop of either original tape (don’t do it) or replacement tape (do it). It is perfect for changing the weight balance or feel of a new racket or giving new life to an old one.
  • Towel Grip: This grip is made of cotton. The material is excellent for captivating sweat. But it is heavy and thick. Perfect for the power play.

As you probably guessed, we’ll be focused mostly on the best badminton overgrip tape in this article as it will make the largest difference to the feel of your racket.

4 Things To Look For In Badminton Overgrip Tape

1. Moisture Absorbtion

​If you have a sweaty hand, then the racket grip should be absorbent. This makes the grip sticky and avoids slippage. It depends on your personal preference. If your hand sweats a lot then choose a sticky grip and if you want to prevent moisture then pick the grip that provides this facility.

2. Grip Level

​It depends on the tennis or badminton player’s grip level. Check it when you are out there to choose one. It is an essential factor when you are playing.

​3. Cushioning

​In tennis or badminton, you have to play with force. Hitting and returning the serves creates a lot of power in the arm and joints. So the grip has to be soft and comfortable. This cushioned grip helps to absorb the shock that is caused by the ball. The cushion amount depends on the tennis players as they need in the grip. Make sure to know what amount of grip you need while playing.

​4. Uneven Gripping Surface

​If you ask players about the uneven surface, you will get two different opinions. Some love to add uneven surfaces in the grip and some hate the uneven grip. So it is up to the player whose grip surface will fit his hand.

How I Choose My Badminton Grip

After picking the right badminton racket with the perfect grip, now you have to select the one to play and rule the badminton court. Before we get to the specific grips, however, you’ll want to think a bit about your style of play and how it affects the type of overgrip you should purchase:

​Power Play: Thick Grip

​It means you have to focus on shots that come with power or force. The players who love to play with energy go with strong repetitive attacks like badminton squash. This is a strategy in which the player wants his opponents to return the shot slowly and weakly, by this, the game will win the player by “playing the winner.” So to hit the ball with force, the player needs to hold the grip firm and tight. If the grip is thick, then this strategy will work for sure.

​Control Play: Thin Grip

​This type of player focuses on technique and accuracy. You will see some badminton players playing with different skills. They are known as stroke players. This player wants to force the opponent to do rallies by drops and clears.

​Those who are advanced with skills like falling clear shots and badminton trick needs to have control of the rackets with outstanding wrist movement.

​So if you think you are a stroke player, then you don’t need to hold the racket tight. It will reflect power in the ball hit. You have to control the power while playing. For you, a racket with a thin grip will be perfect. It will help you to manage the power in play.

How To Wrap A Badminton Grip

You have to wrap a badminton grip tape to get the preferred thickness and protection from sweat. Take the tape and start to cover the racket handle. If you want a thick one then wrap the tape and overlap it in the same place. Or else keep wrapping until the top. Take your time to wrap it smoothly or your hands will hate you for it later.

So, without further ado, I’ll have to tell you that the best badminton overgrip is the Yonex Super Grap.

What makes it great?

  • It excels at absorbing moisture
  • It soaks up shock before it reaches your hand
  • It increases your feeling of control
  • It’s the right amount of tacky while remaining durable and comfortable
  • It can be used on any type of racket (but why would you have any racket besides a badminton racket)

At the end of the day, getting a new overgrip isn’t rocket science. The real art is in putting it on your racket. So get the Yonex Super Grap and get back on the court!