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best badminton grip

Badminton play is a sport that you have to play with force and technique. So the racket with best badminton grip is a must-have for every tennis players. Because this grip helps a player to play with grace on the court. So go through this review and pick the racket with a grip that will meet your requirement.

Comparison Table of Best Badminton Grip 2018

  • Tourna Grip XL Original
  • Product Size: 7.5 x 3.7 x 2 inches

  • Our Rating: 9/10
  • Senston New Racket Grip
  • Product Size: 44.48 x 0.9 x 0.31 inches

  • Our Rating: 8.5/10
  • Yonex Super Grap Overgrip
  • Product Size: 5.4 x 3.1 x 1.1 inches

  • Our Rating: 8/10

Our top picks of the Best Badminton grip

1. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

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Tourna tennis grip promises professional standard and performance. This grip is seen in the rackets of all level of tennis players. It is obvious that your hand will sweat when you are playing, this grip works as the great absorber.

You will not face any problem while playing with a sweating hand. The grip is ideal for conditions like humid and hot.

​Product Features:

  • Tourna grip is the priority of tennis player professionals. It is the only grip that gets tacky when hand sweats. Usually, the grip is dry but when players hand starts to sweat the grip receives sticky to make the grip better. For this tennis, the grip is favorite among all players.
  • Some wet grip slips while playing. But the grip technology of this grip makes the hold steady and tackles slippage.
  • The actual tennis grip comes in blue color, and the grips are 3 XL.
  • This grip is not only designed for a tennis racket, but you can also use it in fishing poles, dumbbells, archery, rowing, golf grip, bike handlebars, baseball bats, ping pong paddles, badminton racquets.


  • Dry and tacky.
  • The best option for sweaty hands.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • The gripping sides are not smooth.

2. Senston New Racket Grip

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The Senston new racket grip is an anti-slip grip. The grip comes in five pack with different colors. It is best for those who want to keep an extra grip on hand.

It is not a traditional grip; you will find it different. The surface is different as it is not tacky and the wetness doesn’t change the tape surface. There are two lining on the grip, one is outer lining, and the other is inner lining. The outer lining makes a way to the inner lining that absorbs sweat and makes the grip tremendous and robust. The uneven surface contributes a comfortable grip sense and prevents hand slipping from the handle.

​Product Features:

  • In the packet, there are 5pcs colorful overgrips.
  • Perfect for a fishing rod, tennis racket, squash, and badminton, etc.
  • The design is holed, removes moisture effectually, perfect for players who sweats a lot.
  • The surface is not tacky.
  • The color of the grip is long lasting.
  • You will find the grip useful in quality and sturdy.


  • Squishy and comfortable
  • Best in quality.
  • Colors make the racket unique in design.


  • For some, the grip is too much thick and textured.

3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

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The Yonex Super Grap overgrip is good quality tennis grip in you will get in the budget. It is long one piece, so you can use the preferred length you want and cut away the extra length easily. This Yonex badminton grip performs well. It stays soft even it absorbs sweat and becomes sticky. High humidity or wet hands don’t make your hand slippery.

As the textures are uneven, the grip gets comfortable. But remember to do some extra cleaning when you replace the grip tape. Yonex Super Grap boosts the performance of your racquet by captivating shock and sweat to provide you excellent feel and control.

​Product Features:

  • This grip comes with one roll that has 3 strips.
  • There is a grip tape with this badminton grip.
  • You can use it any sports like racquetball, squash, badminton, and tennis.


  • Excellent grip for humid and hot weather.
  • High in quality.
  • Long-lasting.


  • It is not sticky as it tells.

4. Head Super Comp Overgrip

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For all players, head super comp overgrip is highly recommendable. It offers comfortable and soft feeling. The sweat captivation of this tennis grip is enhanced and makes a balance between sticky and absorption. The wrap of the grip is not different.

The wrap has the sheer tackiness to make sure the grip doesn’t get loose when you are playing. The grip is firm, and the overwrap is so perfect. This grip is durable and gives you service for a long time.

​Product Features:

  • The Head Super Comp Overgrip has the particular elastomer material.
  • The grip overwrap gives the perfect feel and absorbs the sweat fast.
  • The color of the grip is White.


  • Strong and long-lasting grip.
  • Easy to use.
  • Absorbs sweat quickly to prevent slippage.


  • The thin grip that makes it uncomfortable for some hand.

5. Wilson Pro Overgrip

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This overgrip is high in quality and all-rounder badminton grip. The microfiber grip of this racket is stretchable and gives the optimal feel. The surface comes smooth and sticky when it needs to be. It fits all kinds of rackets.

This grip makes them feel comfortable and relaxed. You will find the grip super thin, highly stretchable. You can start your play quickly with the warm feeling. You can choose any colors as it has various options.

​Product Features:

  • The overgrip comes in 3 bundle that works well with every tennis player.
  • You will find the material polyurethane made that is super thin.
  • The surface of the grip is high stretchable.
  • Bundle of 3 individual overgrips ideal for frequent tennis players
  • Polyurethane construction with super-thin, high-stretch felt the Easy cover application is possible for pointed starting. Highly recommendable for professional players.
  • You will find the grip in different colors like yellow, silver, pink, orange, green, rose, teal.


  • Long lasting
  • Sticky grip.
  • Feels great while playing.


  • Soft but not comfortable.

Shopping Guide for Best Badminton Grip

When you are considering to have a badminton racket, you have to focus on different factors. The rackets come in size and length. It is obvious that sellers will not know your preference. You have to be smart and choose.

It is best to pick a grip that is thinner. For this, you can make the grip wrap thicker or less thick. All depends upon your comfort. A small handle makes your racket control balanced and smooth. Adjusting with a thick grip is hard.

What To Look For When Buying Badminton Grip

You may think why you will believe my words?

Well, I am playing and working with badminton from the day I was introduced to it. I am national champion player of badminton, and now I am in training young badminton players. So you can tell I have ample of experience with a badminton racket. As for the grip I have customized my grip to make my play comfortable and relaxed. You can get all information from this badminton grip review as this review is the result of hours of research and user review of players. So you are in the right place.

​To make your tennis grip comfortable and durable, the overgrip tape works perfectly. Though there are replacement grips, professional tennis players prefer badminton grip tape. Because it provides style, shock absorber, softening and thickness. And the most relaxing thing that this grip offers is relaxation them who have tennis elbow problem. You may know that if anyone suffers from tennis elbow, the hand requires a large grip then standard size.

​Here are some factors we consider upon our research:


​If you have a sweaty hand, then the racket grip have to be wet absorber. This makes the grip sticky and avoids the slippage. It depends on your personal preference. If your hand sweats a lot then choose a sticky grip and if you want to prevent the moisture than pick the grip that provides this facility.


​It depends on the tennis or badminton players grip level. Check it when you are out there to choose one. It is an essential factor when you are playing.


​In tennis or badminton, you have to play with force. Hitting and returning the serves creates a lot of power in the arm and joints. So the grip has to be soft and comfortable. This cushioned grip helps to absorb the shock that is caused by the ball. The cushion amount depends on the tennis players as they need in the grip. Make sure to know what amount of grip you need while playing.

​Uneven surface

​If you ask players about the uneven surface, you will get two different opinions. Some love to add uneven surface in the grip and some hate the uneven grip. So it is up to the players who grip surface will fit his hand.

​How we choose Badminton Grip

After picking the right badminton racket with the perfect grip, now you have to select the one to play and rule the tennis court. Let me help you:

Know your play style

​It is the priority to know about your play style. It will help you to choose the perfect racket with perfect grip.

​Power Play

​It means you have to focus on shots that come with power or force. The players who love to play with energy goes with strong repetitive attacks like badminton squash. This is a strategy that the player wants his opponents to return the shot slow and weak, by this, the game will win the player by “play the winner.” So to hit the ball with force, the player needs to hold the grip firm and tight. If the grip is thick, then this strategy will work for sure.

​Control Play

​This type of player focuses on technique and accuracy. You will see some badminton players are playing with different skills. They are known as stroke players. This player wants to force the opponent to do rallies by drops and clears.

​Those who are advanced with skills like falling clear shots and badminton trick needs to have control on the rackets with outstanding wrist movement.

​So if you think you are a stroke player, then you don’t need to hold the racket tight. It will reflect power in the ball hit. You have to control the power while playing. For you, a racket with thin grip will be perfect. It will help you to manage the power in play.

​Types of Badminton Grip

​You will find 3 types of badminton grip on the market. Let’s know little about them.

  • Replacement Grip:  As you can guess by the name. This grip replaces the original one. The original is with the racket when you get one. With a replaceable grip, the grip gets thicker. The material of the grip is polyurethane. It makes the grip comfortable and soft. You will find it also shock and sweat absorber.
  • Overgrip: It is as same as a replacement grip. But this grip makes the racket grip thin and cheap. You have to use this grip on an original grip or replacement grip. It is best for the grip handle that is wooden.
  • Towel Grip: This grip is made of cotton. The material is excellent for captivating sweat. But it is heavy and thick. Perfect for the power play.

How to wrap a badminton grip

You have to wrap a badminton grip tape to get the preferred thickness and protection from sweat. Take the tape and start to cover the racket handle. If you want a thick one than wrapping the tape and overlap it in the same place. Or else keep wrapping until the top. Make sure the wrapping is done correctly and smoothly or else it will not work for your hand.

By choosing the best badminton grip with racket increases your professional playing techniques. With a grip, the hold of the racket gets comfortable and robust. What grip racket is perfect can be considered the playing style and technique. If you are new in the sport or suffering problem with rackets, then this review will help you.

I hope you have precise information about the badminton grip now, then go and get the one that will make your sports fast.

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